Paint the change

Paint The Change in collaboration with “I Own Karachi” is back on track. It is an initiative aimed at instilling patriotic fervour and a sense of community development amongst the masses by painting the neglected and graffiti riden walls of Karachi with illustrations and artwork depicting a positive image of Pakistan.

The activity had started on the 17th of December 2009 and is in full swing these days. We would love for schools, universities and individuals to join us in this patriotic gesture.

We are planning to paint a 7 x 1350 ft wall opposite Shah Ghazi’s Mazaar.

The theme is a Positive Pakistan, chosen to display the unique qualities of our nation.

So join us to paint a positive Pakistan!

This is an ongoing activity, so everyone has plenty of to join in. Details of the event are provided below:

Location: The wall directly opposite Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s Mazaar (total size: 7 x 1350ft), stretching from the roundabout till the NBP stadium

Theme: Positive Pakistan.

Your particular school, college or university can participate by choosing any of the following themes and then join us in this noble and patriotic cause.

This theme has been further divided into the following twenty categories.

1. People
2. Food
3. Media
4. National Security
5. Arts & Crafts
6. Marine / Wildlife
7. Fashion
8. Sport
9. Art
10. Mohammed Ali Jinnah
11. Transport (Chosen by KSA)
12. Music
13. Theater
14. Poetry
15. Literature
16. Tourism
17. Cultures: From each province (Chosen by KSA)
18. Business & Commerce

Contact Us:

For more information on this event, please email us at

11 Dockyard Road, West Wharf Industrial Area, Karachi

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